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Paleo-Data®, Inc. (PDI) is an employee-owned, centralized, full-service micropaleontological consulting firm specializing in biostratigraphic services primarily in the Gulf Basin, USA, with increasing broad-based international experience. Having performed sample examinations on over 15,000 wells since 1968,  PDI utilizes a consistent and proven biostratigraphic framework for optimal uniformity and accuracy in stratigraphic correlation. Our staff includes thirteen biostratigraphers specializing in foraminifera and calcareous nannofossils from Jurassic through Quaternary ages,  and a full-time support staff of lab, clerical, and administrative personnel. PDI utilizes a team approach to client projects, integrating the full range of collective expertise among its staff and subcontractors.

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PDI and RPS have combined in a mutual effort to fully address the need for complete biostratigraphic data, particularly in USA Paleogene and Mesozoic age sections where integration of palynological data is critical to fully understanding the geohistory. PDI works closely with RPS staff in Houston and the UK for project development.  PDI staff can now fully complement RPS wellsite geologic services with coordinated data delivery and real-time operational assistance. 


PDI Strat Chart Update!

Recently updated versions of the PDI Neogene and Paleogene stratigraphic charts are now available for download, from our downloads tab, in .xlsx and .pdf formats.

Updated charts are integrated into our complete PDI strat chart from Mesozoic-Recent, available for download in .xlsx format.  

Also, our Mesozoic chart is currently being updated and new versions will be available for download soon!

  • Comprehensive GOM deposystems data/map project

    – In collaboration with Earth Studies Group (ESG),

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  • Regional paleo databases

    – Offshore LA and TX Foraminifera and Nannofossil Well Data and Map Packages.

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  • Workshops & Short Courses

    in applied biostratigraphy available to universities and industry.

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