Data Products

With over 15,000 well reports produced in-house, PDI maintains the largest single-source biostratigraphic data set in the Gulf Coast. Released well reports are available individually or in data and map packages.

DID YOU KNOW… you can access PDI paleo report info via Schlumberger’s Studio WorldMap in the Petrel platform.  [See more here].


Well Reports

Digital and hard copy Final Well Reports are included with PDI’s Standard Examination Service. These reports include:

  1. ♦ Final paleo summary of all significant biostratigraphic markers with forams and nannofossils fully integrated, major paleoecologic changes, and comments.

  2. ♦ Detailed raw data files in CSV, BWD (Bugwin file), and XLS.

  3. ♦ Data and range charts in XLS, DWG, and PDF.

  4. ♦ Abundance, diversity, and biofacies graphs.

  5. ♦ Importantly, for each completed well project, PDI provides a comprehensive composite biostratigraphic chart integrating micro and nannofossil bioevents, qualification and stratigraphic correlation comments, key abundance curves, biofacies log, lithology in graphic and text, wireline  logs and age-depth plots.

Onshore South Louisiana Paleo Database

Individual Biostratigraphic Well Reports

Per request, we provide individual biostratigraphic well reports for your custom needs.
Please call us or contact us via email for further questions.

GoM Deposystems 2016

Log and seismic correlations just got easier.
With a growing list of over 200,000 wells containing more than 1,000,000 age calibrated paleo & formation tops in our 2015 Geohistory GIS Database.

Moreover, the package includes:

1.    Age-calibrated well geohistory files and Triassic through Recent sequence files basedon biostratigraphic well control released by the BOEM and Paleo-Data, Inc. through 2015

2.    Sequence Accumulation Rate Maps

3.    Sequence Burial Depth Maps

4.    Isostatically Adjusted Depth to Sequence Maps

5.   Maximum Accumulation Rate (MAR) Play Maps that provide high-resolution deposystem images for targeted Paleogene and older reservoir-prone and resource play intervals.

6.    Paleobathymetric Ecozone Sequence Maps (all Cenozoic sequences)

7.    Lithobiofacies Sequence Maps (all Cenozoic sequences)

8.    Estimated Sand Percent Sequence Maps (all Cenozoic sequences)

9.    Estimated Gross Sand Accumulation Rate Sequence Maps (all Cenozoic sequences)

10.  12 months of support and consultation

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Data Packages

  • Offshore GoM Data Package
  • Onshore South Louisiana Data Package
  • GoM Deposystems 2015

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