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April, 2016 – Norman Vallette retired from Paleo-Data after 34 years nine months of service. A good reason for a party in his honor, the opportunity was not wasted with a gathering of colleagues, family and friends at Calcasieu Restaurant.  Norman will be sailing off into the sunset in a new boat soon.


January, 2016 – PDI was fortunate to host Dr. David Watkins, Professor at University of Nebraska, Lincoln and respected nannofossil authority and researcher, for a week at PDI. Dr. Watkins  led a complete 36 hour review of Mesozoic nannofossils for the staff.  His infectious energy and enthusiasm kept the discussion lively and we are grateful for this unique opportunity.

WatkinsWorkshop1 IMG_0937 IMG_0940

2015 – A series of multimedia taxonomic workshop presentations were held throughout the year, reviewing literature and common usage.  Species concepts and synonymies were reviewed, often through lively discussions, with an eye towards establishing important taxonomic consistency among the Biostrat. team. Topics included:

Nannofossils – The Noelrhabdaceae (Reticulofenestra group), Miocene 6-rayed discoasters, Fasciculithus, Mio-Oligocene sphenoliths, Paleogene coccoliths.  Foraminifera – Turborotalia, Plio-Pleist. shelf benthic fauna, Acarinina, Sphaeroidinella group, Globigerinatheka, Ultra-deep Wilcox fauna


April, 2015 – Albert Porter, Jr. retires from Paleo-Data after 38 years of distinguished service.  Al was honored by the company with a French Quarter party at Tujagues complete with brass band.  Al will continue to be available in a contracting role, but will spend most of his time traveling and volunteering at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans.

DSC_2702  DSC00014


September, 2015 – Ryan Weber and Art Waterman presented a full day workshop on “Applications and Usage of Biostratigraphic Data in Energy Exploration and Production – A Users Guide” in conjunction with the GCAGS Annual Convention in Houston.  Both well attended and well received, the workshop generated some lively discussion over some interesting interpretation exercises.

With over 40 years of established client relationships, PDI had a chance to catch up with the company’s many friends and colleagues at its booth in the exhibit hall.




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