Geohistory is our specialty.

We’re a full-service micropaleontological consulting firm specializing in biostratigraphy services. Our most extensive expertise is in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM), with international experience.

Standard Sample Preparation and Examination

Paleo Data, a PetroStrat Company fully integrates sample preparation and examination services, optimizing efficiency and offering quality monitoring.

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Wellsite Service

With a staff of highly experienced biostratigraphers and lab technicians, we are prepared to meet the critical real-time biostratigraphic needs of our clients.

Priority Service

Paleo Data Inc. provides an expedient and economical “Priority Service” in situations in which the biostratigaphic information is vital, but not as a basis for operational drilling decisions.

Sample Delivery

We provide sample pickup service from locations in South Louisiana and Texas to provide efficient, seamless operations for our clients.

Workshops and Short Courses

Learn about micropalentology for problem solving! Our courses fit your needs and schedule as industry and university partners.

Specialized Client Needs

Please don't hesitate to contact us with a special request or question about products or services!

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What is Biostratigraphy?

Biostratigraphy focuses on correlating and assigning relative ages of rock strata by using the fossil assemblages contained within them. Usually the aim is correlation, demonstrating that a particular horizon in one geological section represents the same period of time as another horizon at some other section.

About Paleo Data, a PetroStrat Company

Since 1968, Paleo Data, a PetroStrat Company has utilized a team approach to ensure consistent and reliable biostratigraphic services from regional mapping to reservoir modeling, as well as, from bit to sample archival. We’ve examined more than 13,000 offshore and 4,900 onshore wells in-house utilizing a consistent biostratigraphic framework for uniform and accurate stratigraphic correlation. Our reports are ready to be integrated into your fully comprehensive geologic database.


Paleo Data, Inc. - Biostratigraphy Services in the Gulf of Mexico and Around the World
We’re based in south Louisiana but work all over the world!



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