Paleo Data Inc. is located in New Orleans, Louisiana, also known as the northernmost Caribbean city. But why should that matter to your drilling operations?

The answer brings us to another question. How important is efficiency when it comes to cost budgeting and time? A single hour saved can make a huge impact on your budget when operating costs are at or above $1 million per day.

Location Biostratigraphy Drilling

We’re close to Gulf of Mexico shore bases so your operations can remain cost-effective

Paleo Data’s proximity to Gulf of Mexico shore bases makes us more efficient in our ability to provide logistical support for sample and personnel transport. This allows for quicker turnaround times, providing you the data you need exactly when you need it.

If you need us to go to well site on short notice or get samples analyzed as quickly as possible in the office, our location brings us closer to the action.

As anyone in the oil industry can attest, drilling operations are complex. This leads to challenges in scheduling mobilization around a linear schedule subject to unpredictable setbacks.

In these instances, you’re already spending extra money correcting issues that have halted drilling. Why spend even more money to put a mobilized paleo crew up in a hotel waiting for drilling to resume?

Paleo Data’s location alleviates this potential budget pitfall entirely. We are close enough to shore bases to return home if sudden changes mean our services have to be rescheduled.

Make Paleo a cost-efficient part of your drilling plan

We believe obtaining biostratigraphic data is already one of the best ways to limit costs in drilling operations. So it’s no surprise we also believe running paleo should be a turnkey, cost-efficient solution that fits easily into your planning.

Aaron Avery

Established in 1968, Paleo Data Inc. is a complete biostratigraphic service company, from bit to data to archival. Recognized as biostratigraphic leaders of the Gulf Coast, North America, Caribbean, Atlantic and International, the New Orleans-based company functions as an extension of its clients’ biostratigraphy department. To get started on your project, contact them at (504) 488-3711 or e-mail