FAQ: Why use wellsite paleo services?

Paleo Data Inc. is capable of a 24-hour turnaround for 500-to-1000 feet of sample via internal hotshot service to our New Orleans-based lab. We are equipped to handle everything from the logistics of sample retrieval, sample preparation, analysis, interpretation, and reporting once the samples reach the shorebase.

Paleobathymetric Map

FAQ: How do I target a reservoir in the correct paleobathymetry utilizing Benthic Foraminifera?

Paleontologists (especially micropaleontologists specializing in foraminifera) are often asked how we can interpret water depth from benthic foram species and assemblages. In short, “Benthic foraminifera are environmentally controlled ‘facies fossils’ and their tops frequently coincide with abrupt environmental (and sometimes lithological) changes associated with facies changes.” (Lowman, 1949 pp. 1975-1983). Read more…