Depending on the quantity of samples received or the type of information needed, results can be obtained in as quickly as a few hours from sample receipt. Bottom hole age can often be determined and reported through an analysis of the bottom most 10 or 20 samples in a few hours with a full workup to follow. See a sample biostratigraphic well chart.

Interim reports, by e-mail or data upload, include a summary of bioevents, biofacies and age with raw data files in CSV, XLS or BWD formats per request. See a sampleAt the wellsite, interim written reports are typically provided twice per day with phoned results. Reports can also be provided in real-time as new bioevents are encountered during drilling.

Final reports include fully integrated biostratigraphic charts with key abundance logs, age-depth plots, lithologic observations and wireline/LWD logs.

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Paleo Data Inc.

Established in 1968, Paleo Data Inc. is a complete biostratigraphic service company, from bit to data to archival. Recognized as biostratigraphic leaders of the Gulf Coast, North America, Caribbean, Atlantic and International, the New Orleans-based company functions as an extension of its clients’ biostratigraphy department. To get started on your project, contact them at (504) 488-3711 or e-mail