Depending on lithologic makeup and sample condition, the Paleo Data Inc. lab can prepare from 2,000 to 4,000 feet of foram and nanno samples per day. Depending on age, preservation and the abundance of fossil content, an individual biostratigrapher can typically examine about 300 feet to 400 feet of sample a day, but Paleo Data’s coordinated and integrated team approach can typically yield analysis of between 1500 feet to 3000 feet of well section per day, providing updates on results daily or as directed. A lab manager and biostratigrapher are on call 24/7, for after hours and weekend work and consultation or questions.

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Paleo Data, a PetroStrat Company

Paleo Data Inc. is an employee-owned, full-service biostratigraphy consultancy working primarily in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast, with additional international experience. Paleo Data Inc. maintains and updates substantial databases which utilize a consistent and proven biostratigraphic framework for optimal uniformity and accuracy in stratigraphic correlation. PetroStrat is a leading and global provider of integrated geoscience services, delivering best-in-class subsurface solutions to the energy industry, enabling customers to make informed strategic, operational and commercial decisions. They bring together the data, analytical services, and world-leading expertise under one roof, delivering agile, flexible, innovative, cost-effective, and HSE-conscious solutions, to de-risk exploration and development targets and reduce asset uncertainty. The team, in partnership with their clients, has worked on some of the biggest oil and gas discoveries in the world and has a proven track record in delivering significant returns on investment for a range of clients from service companies and small independents, to super majors and state oil companies. PetroStrat’s headquarters and main laboratories are in Conwy, North Wales, with offices in St. Albans (UK) and Northwich (UK), Houston (USA), Calgary (Canada), and facilities through joint ventures and collaborative agreements in Trinidad, Kuala Lumpur, and Mexico. Clients include many of the world’s international and national oil companies.