How Paleo Data Inc. can help via biostratigraphy

The choice to utilize wellsite paleo services is entirely dependent on the timeframe of your drilling decisions.

Paleo Data Inc. is capable of a 24-hour turnaround for 500-to-1000 feet of sample via internal hotshot service to our New Orleans-based lab. We are equipped to handle everything from the logistics of sample retrieval, sample preparation, analysis, interpretation, and reporting once the samples reach the shorebase.

The REAL time sink is transporting samples from the well to shorebase. Boat and chopper schedules, operational timeframes, and unexpected weather events such as hurricanes are just a few things that can affect sample transportation.

Having a paleo team at wellsite will provide quick and efficient data analysis and interpretation. Analyses can be run, and results can be ready within an hour of sample collection. Combined with the relatively low cost of having a paleo crew at wellsite, this is a go-to option for critical decision-making.


The benefits of wellsite paleo services

A few of the benefits of wellsite paleo services include:

  • Clearing up issues in log correlations
  • Calibrating seismic interpretations and verifying to actual well observations
  • Utilizing bio-horizons as TD criteria
  • Indicating stratigraphic positioning through highly faulted sections
  • Reducing drilling risk and uncertainty with additional wellbore stability monitoring

Wellsite paleo provides near real-time results to assist in coring operations or casing placement, as well. It can also lend support in confirming age-dependent TDs and adding age context to pressured sections. Wellsite staff can provide well trajectory monitoring, which can be crucial for biosteering operations.

If you’d like to discuss Paleo Data’s biostratigraphic services and how we can assist on your project, feel free to contact us at

Paleo Data Inc.

Paleo Data Inc. is an employee-owned, full-service biostratigraphy consultancy working primarily in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast, with additional international experience. Founded in 1968, Paleo Data Inc. maintains and updates substantial databases which utilize a consistent and proven biostratigraphic framework for optimal uniformity and accuracy in stratigraphic correlation. This New Orleans-based company functions as an extension of your biolstratigraphy department. To get started on your project, contact us at (504) 488-3711 or e-mail