Paleo Data Inc. takes a team approach with assigned team leaders for each project. Through research, in-house taxonomic workshops, sighting confirmations and a structured mentoring program, we biostratigraphers strive for consistency in taxonomic nomenclature and criteria.

Ongoing internal discussions of observations among biostratigraphers during sample examinations promote interpretational consistency and accurate integration of nannofossil and microfossil data into coherent, unified reports.

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Paleo Data Inc.

Established in 1968, Paleo Data Inc. is a complete biostratigraphic service company, from bit to data to archival. Recognized as biostratigraphic leaders of the Gulf Coast, North America, Caribbean, Atlantic and International, the New Orleans-based company functions as an extension of its clients’ biostratigraphy department. To get started on your project, contact them at (504) 488-3711 or e-mail