Get the biostrat services you need to improve efficiency and decision making.

Standard Sample Preparation and Examination

Paleo Data Inc. fully integrates sample preparation and examination services, optimizing efficiency and quality monitoring. Samples are examined for micro and nannofossils in-house for effective communication and integration.

Examination includes quantitative or semi-quantitative data capture and can be customized in accordance with your own methodologies. We turn around sample results within a few hours or days depending on the number of samples and your organization's needs.

Our paleontologists are on-call 24 hours a day. After hours and weekend assistance is available.

Wellsite Service

With a staff of highly experienced biostratigraphers and lab technicians, Paleo Data Inc. is prepared to meet our clients' critical real-time biostratigraphic needs. Our data help save critical rigtime costs.

Teams of nannofossil/foram specialists, located just one to two hours from major shorebases in South Louisiana, are available to travel onsite. On-demand biostratigraphic services can help your company make decisions including safety-critical subsalt stratigraphic/structural interpretations and correlations. This helps identify pressured sections, casing points, faults, reservoir correlation/connectivity and TD points.



Priority Service

Paleo Data Inc. provides a fast and cost-conscious “Priority Service” when biostratigaphic information is vital but not as a basis for operational drilling decisions. An experienced technician can be placed on location to prepare nannofossil/foram samples for transport to shore daily or as often as transportation is available.

Prepared samples are picked up from within one to two hours of shorebase and delivered 24/7 directly to the paleontologist for examination, interpretation and reporting. Data is provided to you less than 24 hours behind bit depth.

Sample Delivery

Paleo Data Inc. provides sample pickup from locations in South Louisiana and Texas to provide efficient, seamless operations for your company. There's no need to worry about lost samples, delivery errors or waiting on hotshot drivers.

Our lab manager coordinates directly with rig- and shore-based personnel to handle expedited transport to our New Orleans facilities.

Workshops and Short Courses

Let Paleo Data Inc. provide the knowledge your team needs to take advantage of our rich biostratigraphic data! We offer lunch and learn seminars (one to two hours), a two-to-four hour workshop "A User's Guide to Working with Biostratigraphic Data," and a two-day intensive workshop in micropaleontology and applications of biostratigraphy for problem solving. Contact us to look at the curricula.

Specialized Client Needs

We are dedicated to meeting your needs. If a service or product of interest is not described here, please do not hesitate to contact us with your request or question. For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

Transcription Service

Information coming soon.