Get the biostrat services you need to improve efficiency and decision making.

Paleo Data Inc. provides its own sample and personnel transportation service to alleviate our clients’ logistical burden. We will get our crew to and from the heliport or boat dock as well as pick up shipped samples from shorebase.

  • Sample pickup and delivery
  • Personnel transportation

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Our experienced lab staff is capable of processing your raw or dry samples for a variety of purposes. Time and care are taken to maximize fossil recovery for paleontological analyses, maximize yields for sieved residuals, and efficiently document, archive, and store samples. Below are examples of our laboratory capabilities:

  • Microfossil (foraminifera) residue
  • Nannofossil (coccolithophore) smear slides
  • Palynology and Kerogen slides
  • Sieved residues for geochemical analysis (i.e., fluid inclusion analysis, stable isotopes, TOC, pyrolysis, XRF, etc.)
  • Lithological dry cuttings
  • Raw cutting sample disposal
  • Archival and warehousing
  • Shipping and handling
  • Rock core sampling

Paleo Data Inc.'s diverse and experienced biostratigraphers can provide various paleontological analyses catered to our clients’ specific projects, preferences, and time constraints. Biostratigraphic analyses include the following:

Here at Paleo Data Inc., we pride ourselves on providing data interpretation free of charge alongside our analytical services – a service seldom seen in our industry. A list of our interpretational deliverables includes the following:

  • Summary of interpreted bioevents (tops)
  • Range chart with interpreted bioevents
  • Composite biostratigraphic chart, including:
    • Final interpreted bioevents
    • Several Important fossil indices
      • Nannofossil abundance
      • Diversity or species richness
      • Abundance of reworked Cretaceous taxa
      • Planktonic foraminifera abundance
      • Benthic foraminifera abundance
      • Agglutinated foraminifera abundance
      • Abundance of transported shelf fauna
  • Sample by sample and interval paleoenvironmental interpretations
  • Washed residue lithology
  • Chronostratigraphic information
  • Age-depth plot
  • Client-provided logs and other borehole data

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Our expertise provides a stepping stone for integrating biostratigraphic data and interpretations into your project. We work with our clients to put our data into context with additional data sets to develop a more complete understanding of the project. We also provide the following consultation services:

  • Workshops
  • Educational courses
  • Correlation panels
  • Mapping

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We are available to assist in several projects from well-planning, to customized biostratigraphic zonation schemes, to regional paleontological cross-sections.

Upon request, Paleo Data Inc. will expedite any of our services to meet our clients’ timeframe. We are available 24/7/365.

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When biostratigraphic analysis is needed to assist in drilling operations and decision-making, Paleo Data Inc. provides our shore-based services at the client’s facilities. We offer 2-, 4-, or 6-person crews who bring all the necessary equipment to perform the job at your location and on your timeframe. In addition, we offer Priority Service, in which a single lab technician can be deployed to wellsite for sample preparation.

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Got a core you’d like photographed? Need images of cuttings prior to sample preparation? As a biostratigrapher, would you like images of key index taxa observed during our analyses? Our company offers sample photography and archival services should the demand arise. We’re equipped to photograph any of the following:

  • Rock core
  • Dry cuttings
  • Foraminifera residues and taxa
  • Nannofossil taxa
  • Palynological taxa

We can digitize legacy data (example: .pdf files, .txt files, range charts) into active data files for use in a variety of software platforms. Feel free to contact us for more information about our digitization services.

The following is our list of deliverables. While extensive, it can be catered and customized to our client’s specific needs: